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Britt Bloem

Pole / Flexibility / Fitness

3 times Austrian Champion

Personal Trainer for Fitness, Functional and Injury Prevention Training

Educator Poledance / Flexibility

Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Britt, I am a Dutch poledance and flexibility instructor, living in Austria since 2008. (Keine Sorgen, ich spreche auch tirolerisch Deutsch mit ein Niederländisches Dialekt haha)

Since 2012, I have been teaching pole dance and flexibility full time, travelled all over Europe for competitions and Workshops and connected with many wonderful pole people from all over the world. 

The first time on the pole, was a very long time ago. I started learning back when there were no x-poles available yet, and my first class was basically on something that looked more like a street lantern, than as the poles we know today. Nevertheless, it was love at first spin. 

I started getting obsessed with pole as it was such incredible fun flying and floating around the pole - plus it revealed a side of me that I didn't know I had in me. Strength, confidence, self-love, discipline, perseverence - I learned so much more from poledancing than just tricks. 


The first time I taught a poledance class, I knew it would play an essential role in my life from there on - and it has. 

I LOVE Pole. I LOVE working on my flexibility. But most of all - I LOVE to teach and connect and share my passion with you! I know it sounds cheesy, but it is true. Although my job is physically very demanding, I get much energy from my students. It is just so much fun to train, learn and share together.

To me, Pole and flexibility training are a SPORT and an ART - and can be a great phyiscal and mental challenge. I have been training pole and flexibility well over 10 years now and still learn and improve every chance I get, so I keep finding new exciting things to share with you in class. 

I like to think of my teaching style as 'tough love' - I will make you work hard, but you will love it. My goal is for you to have fun, have a challenge to work on and push you beyond your self-imagined limits, so you can achieve things you never thought possible <3

Instagram: @britt_bloem


3rd Place Level 5 Championship

PSO Netherlands, Amsterdam 2019

Finalist Art Category

Pole Theatre Germany, Nürnberg 2017

Finalist Art Category

Pole Theatre World, Prague 2016

1st Place Professionals

Miss Pole Dance Austria, Vienna 2016


Winner Art Category

Pole Theatre Ireland, Dublin 2016

1st Place Professionals

Miss Pole Dance Austria, Vienna 2015

Finalist Drama Category

Pole Theatre UK, London 2015

1st Place Professionals

Miss Pole Dance Austria, Vienna 2014



IPSF World Pole Sports Championships, London 2013


3rd Place Dutch Women

6th Place Overall

Benelux Championships, Antwerp 2013

3rd Place Professionals

Miss Pole Dance Austria, Vienna 2013


European Pole Sports Championships, Rome 2012

3rd Place Dutch Women

6th Place Overall

Benelux Championships, Antwerp 2012




Many Workshops and camps, like Mountain Pole Camp, Weekend Warriors Polecamp, Camp Dan, International Polecamp Bibione, Polecamp Deutschland, Heaven on Earth Pole Retreat

Show Performance

Poledance Playhouse October 2017

Covergirl and Interview

Pole Art Magazine October 2017

Poledance Trainer Dancecompany

Balletoper Orphee et Euridice Summer 2017

Co-owner and head trainer

Poledance Playground Innsbruck 2012 - 2017

Guest appearance Ländle Shownight 2015 and 2016



2023 PFA Personal Fitness Academy 

         Zertifizierte und anerkannte Personal Trainer im Bereich Fitness,
         Gesundheits- und Functional Training

2018 TRX® Suspension Trainer Course


2018 ELEVATED Flexibility Trainer

2018 X-Pole XPert Trainer Level 1 & 2

2016 Floor Flow 1 Teacher Training by Marlo Fisken

2013 Ausbildung zum Krafttrainer by KING Sports


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